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At sea on USS Ronald Reagan

Last Friday saw me experience my second trip out to an American aircraft carrier, the first being in 2001 during Exercise Tandem Thrust where I landed on the USS Kittyhawk. With the diesel powered Kittyhawk now retired this time it was the nuclear powered USS Ronald Reagan that hosted me for the day. I took off from Townsville RAAF base in a C-2A Greyhound for the two hour 800km flight down to the ship which was located just under 300km west of Rockhampton. My other flight back in 2001 was also in a Greyhound so I was prepared for the cramped and dark windowless experience. Facing backwards is also quite interesting!

It's truly fantastic getting to experience both arrested landings and catapult launches and something that I'll never forget.

I spent the day on board photographing flight deck operations before a late afternoon departure back home.

In the 28 years I've been shooting professionally this would definitely be classed as one of the better days! :) Here's a sample of pics from the trip.

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